The range of artefacts that we bring to an event fall into two categories.

Firstly, those that are suitable for all the historical periods that we portray. Examples are basketry, treen and the majority of the agricultural tools. In general, these are the objects that could have been made by the family in the past, using raw materials freely available in the countryside.

Secondly, objects that are specific to one particular era. Pottery falls into this category, in particular. Other examples are jewellery and costume. Some of these objects are more likely to have been made by a specialist in the past, so an exchange of goods would have been needed to acquire them.



The ox team was central to the agrarian cycle, so we emphasise the value of these animals dead, as well as alive, with an expanding collection of artefacts made from horn, bone and leather.


Most of our leather goods are made by Hidebound (, who also refurbish them.

A selection of Viking Period Artefacts

A selection of Viking Period Artefacts



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