Faunal Remains Analysis

Louisa Gidney is an established specialist in the analysis of faunal remains from archaeological excavations, see list of published reports. While Louisa remains the in-house specialist for Archaeological Services, Durham University, the down-turn in the construction industry is having a deleterious knock-on effect and there is capacity to handle more work either through Durham University or on a private consultancy basis.

Through the small-holding, detailed on the Livestock page, Louisa has acquired an unrivalled reference collection of polycerate sheep and Dexter cattle skeletons. Analysis of the Dexter skeletons is forming a substantial part of Louisa’s PhD thesis “Offspring of the Aurochs”, which is comparing historical and archaeological evidence for cattle-keeping strategies.

Examples of conference presentations may be viewed on this link http://durham.academia.edu/LouisaGidney

Some duplicate reference skeletons are available for sale, for example:

Please note I am no longer collecting duplicate specimens on the off chance of a sale. However, I am pleased to receive enquiries to source particular species, though game birds are only available from August to February. It is increasingly difficult to source intact game birds in the feather. Game dealers are now obliged to sell them dressed, that is oven ready with extremities removed. I’m trying to streamline the amount of space occupied by my working reference collection so some of these specimens were collected over 20 years ago and cannot be replaced.


  • Wild mallard, male £35
  • Wild mallard, female, £35
  • Teal, male £45 cannot be replaced
  • Teal, female £45 cannot be replaced
  • Wigeon, dressed, £40 cannot be replaced



  • Grey partridge, fox kill so incomplete with tooth marks. £30 cannot be replaced


  • Lapwing £30
  • Woodcock, dressed £30 cannot be replaced
  • Snipe, dressed £30 cannot be replaced


  • Rook/crow £30

Domestic fowl

  • Male, free range, aged with spurs £45


  • Male, traditional black, fox kill so some tooth marks, breaks & missing bits and no feet £40


  • Basil, adult tan and white mongrel with floppy ears. Ran under a lorry so some broken bones and surface degradation where there was internal bleeding. £90
  • Tess, Alsation cross aged 16 years. Extensive osteo-arthritis. £250


  • Dexter steer UK 135640/100002, 6/5/13-4/11/14
  • Left side: mandible, scapula, humerus, radius & ulna, carpals, metacarpal, split sacrum, pelvis, femur, tibia, tarsals, metatarsal, phalanges. £100


  • Adult male ginger tom, broken jaw and cranium. £60
  • Kitten, infant eyes still closed. £40
  • Kitten, weaned. £40


  • Adult female, lactating, some broken bones and evidence of healed earlier trauma. £75


  • Immature, most epiphyses unfused. Skull fragmented, breakage on ribs, vertebrae and some limb bones. £20


  • Aged polled ewe, either Shetland or Manx Loaghtan. Ante-mortem maxillary tooth loss with malocclusion on mandibular teeth. £200
  • Aged polled ewe, either Shetland or Manx Loaghtan. Ante-mortem maxillary tooth loss with malocclusion on mandibular teeth. Advanced OA degeneration of left acetabulum/proximal femur, right distal femur/proximal tibia. £200
  • 4 horn Manx Loaghtan ram lamb 28/4/14-13/6/14. £50
  • 4 horn Manx Loaghtan ram lamb 6/4/10 no death date but older than above, M1 erupting. £50

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