Faunal Remains Analysis

Louisa Gidney is an established specialist in the analysis of faunal remains from archaeological excavations, see list of published reports. While Louisa remains the in-house specialist for Archaeological Services, Durham University, the down-turn in the construction industry is having a deleterious knock-on effect and there is capacity to handle more work either through Durham University or on a private consultancy basis.

Through the small-holding, detailed on the Livestock page, Louisa has acquired an unrivalled reference collection of polycerate sheep and Dexter cattle skeletons. Analysis of the Dexter skeletons is forming a substantial part of Louisa’s PhD thesis “Offspring of the Aurochs”, which is comparing historical and archaeological evidence for cattle-keeping strategies.

Examples of conference presentations may be viewed on this link http://durham.academia.edu/LouisaGidney

Some duplicate reference skeletons are available for sale, for example:

  • Woodcock, dressed bird so no wing bones beyond proximal humerus and no tarsometarsi or phalanges. £15
  • Domestic Goose, lacking one tarsometatarsal and both carpometacarpals, with associated phalanges. £20 plus P&P
  • Pig skull and mandibles, Tamworth. Dlp4 TWS B, M1 TWS A, sty fed. Maxilla has separated from frontal. £10 plus P&P.
  • Mandible and major limb bones, including feet, are now available for one side of the body from a selection of Dexter steers of various ages. Unfortunately either/both scapula and pelvis are missing. From £80 + P&P.
  • Manx Loaghtan lambs, and some Hebridean, various ages, from £25 neonatal
  • Rabbit £25
  • Bronze/black turkey, pathology on one wing, £60
  • Domestic hen, pathology includes healed broken leg, £35
  • Greylag goose £40
  • Domestic fowl sternum with osteomalacia £5
  • Mallard £30
  • Teal, Woodcock, Snipe missing distal wings £15



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