General Interest

In normal times Rent A Peasant can provide a speaker for a variety of adult interest groups. However, the current social distancing requirements mean that most venues are not currently hosting such meetings.
When it is possible to resume speaking engagements, Louisa can come in costume with a range of period and reproduction artefacts to talk about aspects of everyday life in the past, or host a fashion show through time modelled by the audience. The topic can be tailored to reflect the interests of a particular audience.

Rent A Peasant can provide a speaker for a range of adult interest groups. Previous speaking engagements include the W.I.; Evergreens; U3A (University of the 3rd Age); Smallholder’s Groups; Spinners’ Weavers’ & Dyers’ Groups; Archaeological and Historical Societies; Senior Citizens Clubs.

A popular topic is Costume Through the Ages, in which Louisa gives a rapid fashion show of Drusilla’s, Withburga’s, Freydis’, Mistress Piers’ and Bessie’s outfits. A gentleman from the audience is volunteered to model some of the men’s garments if Paul is unable to come too. This is particularly suitable for venues without a slide projector or OHP (overhead projector). Roman Saturnalia and Medieval Yule has topical interest in December.

Food and Cookery can be a broad topic or focus on a specific time, such as Bessie Tusser’s Banquetting Stuffe.

For groups with a small budget, it is often possible to link in with a school booking and give a presentation on one particular time period. Was the comment “we had a Viking lady, she was all dressed up!” made by a seven year old or a seventy year old!

Livestock can concentrate on a single species. The Evolution of Sheep and Wool is of particular interest to textile groups, while the Archaeology and Iconography of Goats was requested by a Goatkeepers Group. Alternatively the range of Rare and Minority Breeds can be discussed.

This gives some idea of previous presentations. Requests for new topics within the general remit of Rent a Peasant are welcome but a tailor made talk will cost more than one previously prepared.

It is very helpful to know at the time of enquiry what facilities are available in the way of slide projector and OHP, as this constrains the subject that can be offered.

Louisa offers talks on the life and work of the Farmer’s Wife, with a range of objects to handle. Medieval, Tudor and Victorian options are currently available.

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